HH Review: Townhouse

Townhouse is a darling little hotel property that just recently had it's grand opening in January. Built in 1939, it’s quaint, boutique and re-imagined by Parisian designer India Mahdavi.  The rooms are on the smaller and simpler side, with pops of red. The main areas on property get a little more adventurous, however; you’ll notice it in their mix of bold pop art and subtle Art Deco furniture and fixtures. 

Not only does this property have an amazing bar, the Cape (which may be my new favorite rooftop), but it’s also home to some seriously delicious Asian comfort food: K Ramen Burger and Beer. The Cape is a no-frills, come-in-a-t-shirt-and-flip-flops type of bar – the perfect place to  enjoy a cocktail and the sunset after a long day at the beach. You won’t find any pretentious red ropes here. What you will find is panoramic views of South Beach, good vibes and very knowledgeable bartenders that you’ll want to keep coming back for again and again.

I spent the evening kickin' it with my favorite bartender, Bavié. We danced to her favorite playlist while she taught me some tips on how to make the perfect drink. On the cocktail list, you’ll see some twists on the classics, as well as some incredibly “Instagram-worthy” cocktails with pink foam or black lava salt rims. My favorite drink of the night was the Pancho and Lefty! It’s made with Avion Tequila, avocado puree and some other super-secret ingredients… trust me, it’s delicious.

K Ramen Burger and Beer led by Jason Acoba, is on the basement level of the property- walk in and you’ll see loud Asian inspired wall paper, neon signs and anime playing on the TV. They offer a full bar and a menu that will make you come back... and if you’re like me, you'll probably order an excessive amount of food. The food coma is definitely worth it.

The drinks at K Ramen are just as cool and weird as the ones upstairs. Ingredients-wise, you’ll find wasabi oil and matcha powder on the menu – it may sound a little intimidating, but it’s totally worth a try!

A few of my favorites:

  • The burger is a must. It comes with tater tots. (Need I say more?) Be sure to order it with “the works.”
  • The tonkotsu and lobster ramen were out of this world.
  • My favorite sides were the salmon skin salad and the chicken wings.