Hot for Hotel Design: The Art of Hotels

Art can be exquisitely unique. Hotels can be exceptionally distinct. When  the two are woven together hotel artistry is born. Hotel Hopping introduces the definitive guide to finding the perfect combination of art, design, and accommodation. 

11 Howard - New York

It may be surprising to some that 11 Howard’s “conscious” art came from a lawyer-turned-artist. This boutique hotel, brings together Scandinavian design with socially-conscious hyper-localism. 11 Howard not only sought out the most innovative and stunning designs, it gathered local businesses and nonprofits to give back to its local neighborhood, SoHo.


21C Museum Hotel – Durham

21C is a rarity in the world of hospitality. It is one of the first museums devoted to the art from the 21st century. 21C’s museum has been featured in several exhibitions across the U.S., Canada, and France. Its 125 rooms are inspired by the art of the 21st century, while electrifying an entire city.


Les Bains Paris – Paris

Les Bains claims to be back. Formerly a rock star romp room, and 19th century bathhouse, the result of a joint architectural team is the hotel’s romantic and sophisticated design crafting a one-of-a-kind stay.


Casa Fayette – Guadalajara

An ivory tower stands in Guadalajara with 37 guest rooms and from the inside out, the interior design is a creative pillar from renowned Milanese firm, Dimorestudio. Colorful aesthetics, European design, and burgundy red tones make Casa Fayette an immersive experience.


The Line Hotel – Los Angeles

With 383 rooms making up the Line Hotel in Los Angeles, the raw design allows for the city to be the art. Inspiring and bright rooms can inspire even the dullest of days. Commissary, a greenhouse-inspired restaurant includes a private pool club built with the public in mind, not just hotel guests. Quirky and thoughtful, The Line Hotel is designed for the creative, lives for the innovative, and inspires a city.


Hotel San José – Austin

The handmade furniture at Hotel San Jose in Austin, Texas makes it nothing but homey. Minimalistic with hints of tribal design make for inspiration and adventure as well as Zen and calm. Situated in South Congress, known for its small eateries and eclectic retailers, Hotel San Jose combines Antoine Predock’s renowned design with the lifestyle of Francise Jay.


Town Hall Hotel – London

Located in the upcoming Bethnal Green, the Town hall hotel is an Edwardian building with sleek design and gilded ceilings. General less ornate, the Town hall Hotel’s beauty is in its simplicity. With strikingly clean guest rooms, the Town hall hotel is unmatched in its elegance and polish.


The Warehouse Hotel – Singapore

Once a secretive area filled with underground societies, including liquor distillers, the Warehouse Hotel sit along the Singapore River with its stunning pointed roofs contrasting against Singapore’s surrounding modern buildings. It’s exterior is art enough while once inside, is an expansive earthy interior. With touches of modernity, this stunning hotel of design is a piece of art in itself.

By: Lourdes Dominguez