DayAxe: Enjoy Hotel Amenities Without the Room Key!

Confidante Miami Beach Pool now listed on DayAxe!

Confidante Miami Beach Pool now listed on DayAxe!

In a time when products and services are readily accessible with the touch of a button, it's crucial for brands to be at the forefront of technology- especially for traditional industries like hospitality. From car services, to groceries, to glam squads- there’s a way to get what you want without a moment’s hesitation. I’m always on the hunt for innovative hospitality trends that give the old-school industry a little edge.

Have you ever approached a hotel pool with your bathing suit on, towel in hand and been turned down for not being a registered hotel guest? Thankfully, those days are coming to an end.  DayAxe is a platform that enables locals and non-guest to purchase hotel day passes and enjoy the day at the spa or hotel pool right from your phone. Using your digital ticket, you'll have access to the hotel’s amenities whether it be the pool, spa or gym- most tickets include discounts on parking and food & beverage as well. Rent a cabana with your friends, relax at the hotel spa or lounge by the pool during your next 8 hour layover in LA, all you have to do is reserve your spot. 

Booking your day pass is so simple anyone with a computer or smart phone can purchase in seconds. Just browse the hotels in your area, buy the pass right on your phone and redeem your ticket with the front desk using your digital ticket when you arrive. You're all set! Kick back and enjoy a day at your favorite hotel pool this weekend. Don't forget to check out one of my favorite Miami pools, The Confidante! Browse hotels in Los Angeles and Miami HERE.

How to choose a great wine for your next dinner party (+ Frosé Recipe!)


Picking a wine for a dinner party can be a daunting task. How much money should you spend? What does your host like? What are they serving? You may or may not have answers to these questions, so the best bet is to bring a wine that doesn’t need food at all. Try focusing on the “party” aspect here. Your host probably already chose wine to pair with the meal, but they may not have considered what to serve before or after the meal. Welcome to “Crémant”. Crémant is a sparkling wine from France, made with grapes from the respective regions they come from, and they are made in the Traditional Method (Champagne is also made this way). Crémant can come from Alsace, Burgundy, Limoux, Loire, Bordeaux, Jura, Savoy, and Die. Crémant de Alsace, Crémant de Bourgogne, and Cremant de Loire are probably the easiest to find, but all will work. In France, these sparkling wines are served as an aperitif, but they are a nice, light alternative for after the meal as well. These wines can be a quarter of the price of Champagne and they bring all the cool factor. Unless your host is very knowledgeable about wine, they probably haven’t heard of these, and that can be a great conversation starter at the dinner table. Make sure to pick up an extra bottle for yourself while you’re at our store!

- Rachel Coddington, Abaco Wine Bar

Current Favorites:

  • Jean Baptiste Adam, Crémant de Alsace Brut Rosé
  • Domaine Albert Boillot Crémant de Bourgogne
  • Gerard Betrand Cremant de Limoux


Frosé Recipe

Courtesy of Rachel Coddington, Abaco's very own sommelier

For the Simple Syrup

1 cup water / 1 cup sugar- bring to a boil and take off heat. Stir to dissolve sugar.

Add 2 mint stems while simple syrup is still hot.

When cooled, remove mint and add juice from 1/2 lime

(adjust quantities for larger batches)

Add 5 ounces Barowsky Disesa Vineyards “Albertus Magnus” Pinot Noir Rosé to blender or magic bullet and add equal parts ice

Add 4 tablespoons simple syrup/lime mixture

Blend and serve!


Cool for the Summer: NYC's Best Hotel Rooftop Bars

Summers in NYC are for rooftop drinks, and lucky for you, we know just where to get them. Checkout our list below of the best hotel rooftops in The Big Apple—they all have good vibes, good drinks and the best views.

Westlight at The William Vale

Floating 22 floors above New York City, Westlight is an Andrew Carmellini gem. Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, this sparkling rooftop juxtaposes industrial brass accents and a stone-metal bar with soft grey textiles, yellow pops and retro black-and-white floors. When you’re hungry, order one of Carmellini’s eclectic small plates, like tequila-cured salmon or spiced chicken empanadas, and pair it with a rare cocktail from Anne Robinson. Separately or together, both promise a night above The Big Apple that will have you reminiscing for days.

The Roof at PUBLIC

Every rooftop bar has a view, but few have a view like The Roof at Public. A self-proclaimed “crazy bar” with good energy, this floating bar (so it seems) boasts rave-worthy 360-degree views of The Big Apple… and they’re just as good during sunset drinks as they are late at night. And speaking of late night, after dark, this trendy spot becomes one of the sexiest spots in NYC, attracting beautiful locals, A-list travelers and some of the hottest DJs from around the world alike. And when the sun comes up? Still good! During the day, The Roof’s large outdoor terrace becomes a canvas for weekend BBQs, lounge areas, work tables, or places to just take in—you guessed it—the view.

Gallow Green at the McKittrick Hotel

Head to the top of the McKittrick Hotel, and you’ll find Gallow Green: a mecca of live music, handcrafted cocktails, and if you’re there for weekend brunch, a sweet-and-savory buffet. Sitting in a fairytale garden overrun with lush trees, colorful flowers, wooden garden benches and strings of white lights, this indoor-outdoor restaurant-bar serves up fresher-than-fresh fare and cocktails—like the namesake “Gallow Green” sipper with butterfly pea flower-infused vodka, Lillet Blanc and fresh lemon. And when we say fresh, we mean it; some of the herbs and vegetables used in the dishes and drinks come straight from the rooftop’s aeroponic farm.

Spyglass at Archer Hotel New York

Sitting on the 22nd floor of this sleek Midtown hotel, Spyglass is an indoor-outdoor space with an interesting menu of beer, wine and distinct cocktails: like the “Archer Palmer” with black tea-infused gin, lemon and simple syrup. Floor-to-ceiling windows surround the interior, which is all inspired by a bygone era of sophisticated elegance, and minglers get direct views of The Empire State and Chrysler Buildings.

St. Cloud at The Knickerbocker

Picture this: an exclusive Waterford Crystal Lounge, living walls covered in greenery, and overlooking Times Square, three “sky pods” that make you feel like you’re floating. Those are just some of the things that make St. Cloud, which sits on top of the Knickerbocker hotel, one of NYC’s most talked about bars. If we’re going to compare it to anything (even though when you go, you’ll realize it’s in a category all its own), St. Cloud would be an eclectic speakeasy—one high above the city with a slight hint of biergarten. Adding to its allure, there’s also a modern cocktail menu, craft beers and small plates inspired by what’s in season.

The Press Lounge at Kimpton Ink48 Hotel

Considering the Kimpton Ink48 Hotel occupies a former printing house, it only makes sense that it’s rooftop bar and lounge be named The Press Lounge. Sitting 16 floors above ground, this must-try spot is home to a sexy rooftop pool, beautiful people-watching, pod-like lounge chairs, rattan couches, and of course, envious views of the Manhattan skyline and Hudson River. It fills up fast, so if you go, get there early—to accompany its sexy vibes, you can sip on seasonal cocktails, munch on small plates and be tended to with five-star service.

Upstairs at The Kimberly Hotel

With its retractable roof and walls and heated floors, Upstairs is good all year round. It’s perched 30 stories above Midtown Manhattan, has direct views of the Chrysler Building, and offers 3000 square feet of thoughtfully-designed, indoor-outdoor living space. And when you go, dress to impress—this is one spot you go to to see and be seen.

Salon de Ning at the Peninsula New York

New Yorkers are well-acquainted with this popular hangout! Sitting on the 23rd floor of the Peninsula New York, this rooftop hotel bar boasts an eclectic Asian-inspired menu of drinks and small plates, all served high above Fifth Avenue. With an intimate indoor bar and two outdoor terraces, this enchanted location plays host to some of NYC’s finest; something I’m sure accounts for its recent renovations, which give this haunt a more “Hamptons”-esque feel.